Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break 2017: Cancun, Mexico

Now that we live in California, each spring the boys have the "privilege" of having a whole week off daycare for spring break.  (No, mom and dad don't see this the same way, and yes, we do still pay for the week even though we aren't there :-/).

If you recall, last year we jetted off to Cancun.  Since we had such a fun time at the Iberostar Cancun resort we decided to go back again this year and tack on a fourth day.

As it turns out, it's about a 10 hour journey from takeoff to landing in Cancun + travel time to/from hotels and house.  All together that makes for a very long day.  The boys do great flying and fortunately crash out for about half of it.  

There are many things that I like about the Iberostar Cancun.  First, it's small so everything is very close.  Secondly, the kids pool is right out front by the beach and the adult pools.  Also the food is decent and it's easy to reserve restaurants in advance or even when you get there.  And although I would get up at 6:30 am to reserve chairs because we were particular, you could easily find chairs any time of the day.

Our daily routine stayed pretty standard over the four days.

Wake up at 6:30 to reserve chairs then crash back out till 8 (for mom at least).  Everyone wakes up between 8 and 9 am.  Then it's off to breakfast.  

AM Beach time!  We learned last year that it is a good idea to do the beach in the morning since you'll have the rest of the day in the pool to get the sand off before returning to the room.  (I also learned by day four that playing in the sand is infinitely more pleasurable with shorts on).

After 2-3 hours of sand play we headed back to the pool area for lunch and some naps.  The kids can't resist the sound of running water and a full belly to put them down for a good 1 1/2 - 2 hour nap.  While the kids napped by the pool mom and dad played pool games in the area behind them or just sat and had some time to talk, what a concept.

nap time.

more nap time!

After naps we typically played at the pool until 6pm.  This included their awesome kiddie pool complete with pirate ship as well as the big adult infinity pool with swim up bar.  Plus the kids loved scurrying about all the other smaller pools that were connected.  They would pretend that water was "hot lava" that they either had to avoid or put on their "hot lava boots" to walk in.  It was so adorable watching Jesse run around with his hand out saying "hot lava! hot lava!"

max was so happy to drink from a coconut

water gun fights!

such a happy boy

two boys at the swim up bar waiting for their "special drinks"

Around 5:30 or 6 we would all be ready for a shower and some dinner.  We were able to get dinner reservations for the restaurants each night but we also checked out the buffet one night and that seemed pretty good as well.

After dinner they had kids shows at 8pm and then the full family show at 9:30.  We only caught some of the family show one night because the kids were so tired, but they did have fun running around the open air theatre between shows and playing on the stage with the other kids.  One night was Mexican themed night and, well, we had to take this picture.

Strangely enough, out last night we even saw some minions running around the hotel lobby/bar area!

In true vacation form, we had fun right up until the last minute.  As we boarded our final flight from LA back to Oakland, Max wanted to look in the cockpit.  The pilot invited both boys in and let them play with all the switches and levers while the rest of the people boarded.  They were up there for like 10 minutes easily.  

Thanks for a great time Cancun!  We will be back!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Family Update

As life gets more and more crazy, it gets harder and harder to find the time to blog, but I love having a place to keep track of the milestones these two little amazing kids hit.  Before you know it they'll be grown and off to college and frankly I'm not even ready for age 4 yet, so I'm going to hold onto these moments for as long as I can.

At 3 years and 8 months (Max) and 22 months (Jesse):

Max: 38lbs, 40 inches

Shows: Ready Jet Go, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Peter Pan (movie), Toy Story (movie), Monsters Inc (movie), Chuggington, Lego City, and still holds a special place for Mo-Mo (Mickey Mouse)

Books: Cat in the Hat, Cat in the Hat visits Space, Lego City books, Curious George

Toys: Magnatiles, Firetrucks, Kitchen Set, Sneaky Squirrel (game)

Other: Spiderman, Superman, Lightening McQueen

Food: hot dogs (which he hardly gets, so I suppose that's why it's a favorite?), also loves broccoli, zucchini, pasta, mac & cheese.

Max says: "i like flowers, spiderman notes, red trains."

When asked what he wants for his 4th birthday theme: Peter Pan, Superheros, Mickey Mouse, or Trucks.  (guess i'm gonna have to keep asking)

Cute Sayings:
"Mommy, guess what?"   "Chicken Butt"    
"Mommy, guess what?"   "I love you"


Jesse: 30.7lbs, 36 inches, 16 teeth
(36 inches!  This kid is riding roller coasters already and he's not even 2!)

Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George

Books: Waz Dot?, Good Night Gorilla, Baby's first 100 words (loves point out what he knows)

Toys: Kitchen Set, Perfection (game), Trains, Vacuuming, Magnatiles with his brother.

Things: "de-de" (his blanket)

Cute Sayings:
"I love you"
"No, Max First"  (predicated by "Jesse First" coming from Max)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Rea Family!

Each year the kids get older Christmas becomes more and more exciting.  I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to see the excitement on Max’s face when he saw what Santa (and Mommy & Daddy) had brought. 

Train Ride & School Concert

Before Christmas could come, there were holiday activities to be done.  I was on top of things this year, so I was able to log on at exactly the right time and get tickets to the Niles Christmas train.  This steam train is a favorite of ours and at Christmas it was simply magical.  They did a really good job with decorating the cars, pictures do not do it justice.  The kids enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies and Mom and Dad enjoyed the ride until the sugar kicked in and the kids went crazy.  Note to self, sugar on the ride back not out.

It was also time for the annual holiday concert at school.  This year Jesse was too young to participate this year (only infants and 2+) but Max's class was included.  This year he is a Bumblebee.


This year we were traveling on Christmas day, so we pretended that the 24th was Christmas.  At 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 the kids didn't know any different.  (Though I was told that it wasn't Christmas because there was no snow on the ground.)  The night before we set out cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.  Of course they loved them.

The leftovers and a thank you note.

Christmas "day" Eve

Our big gift this year was a new kitchen set from Mommy & Daddy (Santa doesn’t get all the credit in this house).  I had got a good deal on the kitchen back in March so it had been sitting, unopened and unassembled, in our garage since then.  Of course we waited until the last week to put it together, but at least it wasn’t the night before: 5 hours and 100 parts later.

Another big item of the year was a Spiderman watch, which was the only thing he wanted from Santa and now chooses not to wear it.  “Saving it for later,” he says.  I think he’s scared to wear it that it may get lost or messed up. 

Other hot items included play food including cupcakes and a toaster for Jesse, puzzles and a Bucky pirate ship for Max, and a Space ship for the two of them.  Max picked out a ball for Jesse when we were at Disney and Jesse got Max a new Curious George book (with some help).  Mommy got some new food coloring (Chef Master), socks, and an aero press with coffee and a grinder.  Daddy got a yard stick, avocado oil, almond oil, and a fit belt.  Hey, coming up with gifts for each other is hard!  And yes, the yard stick was Jeremy's favorite gift.  

Mommy, Daddy, and Santa weren't the only ones brining gifts on Christmas day.  Since we wouldn't be seeing Grandma and Papa for another few weeks, their gifts arrived on Christmas day too.  Max was pretty excited about his new "fire" Big Wheel, which he took on a nearly 2 mile ride today, and Jesse loves his own little Dyson vacuum.  They also both love this little truck that you can assemble/disassemble with a toy cordless drill.

After a long day of presents, the boys crashed out hard.  So hard that I couldn't bare to wake them up to go to midnight mass.  Though I appreciate more than I can express Jeremy's willingness to do so.

Christmas Surprise

Christmas day we awoke early and headed to the airport.  It was time to fly to Ohio to see Grandma and Grandpa Rea and surprise them!  For the last few months we had been telling them that we were coming to visit on the 26th, but we informed the cousins and Jeremy's brother of our real plans, which were to surprise them at Christmas night dinner with the whole family.

The flight was uneventful but long.  I brought a few small gifts for them to unwrap to keep them occupied: barrel of monkeys for Jesse and a card game and magnetic play set for Max.  Jeremy's cousin, Bethany, was nice enough to pick us up from the airport and we made it to Jeremy's aunts house just 15 minutes after everyone else had arrived.  A knock on the door and a bit of waiting finally revealed the surprise...


 What was really sweet was how all the cousins welcomed us into their home and let us join them in the festivities.  I know that for years Jeremy has wanted to take the boys back for this, so he was pretty happy that we pulled it off this year.

After the insanity of Christmas we spent the next 4 days laying around Grandma and Grandpa's house in the middle of nowhere.  Really, it's not close to much and you're lucky to get some, slow, internet.  But after a very hectic Thanksgiving/Christmas season, that's just what we needed.

Of course there were more presents to be opened too: spiderman pj's, underwear, and every other type of shirt/pants/clothes you can imagine, more play food: pizza and breakfast basket, spiderman Duplo's for both, big spiderman book which Max loves, coloring books, and an awesome mask/cape set with 4 superhero's.  Max loves to be superman with spiderman clothes on.

There were many adventures had during the week, including riding the Ranger utility vehicle, playing on Grandpa's big tractors, and going skiing with Mommy!

I'd been wanting to take Max skiing this year, trying to figure out how to make it happen near Tahoe without breaking the bank (ha), and about a day into the trip it dawned on me that any little ski area in Ohio would be perfect.  Turned out there was one about 1.5 hrs away that had a ski school and a 5 run sledding hill.  Max's cousin Zaly and her mom, Angela, joined us for the fun.

The ski school was supposed to run from 9 - 1, but the kids weren't really thrilled with the idea and both were too scared to ski without us.  Fortunately we had been watching on/off for the first hour and I soon saw they weren't having fun.   Max agreed to try skiing with me and we did 4 beginner runs.  I could tell he was starting to have fun, but 2 1/2 hours is along time for a first try and they were both ready to go in.  Max told me he had fun but would ski more next time.  He was done for the day.

After skiing we hit up the sledding hills.  Now this was more up his alley.  He loved it!

We had a great trip to Ohio and it was nice to un-connect and unwind for a while.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Disney - Part 3 - Epcot & MGM

We didn't make it over to Animal Kingdom this trip, instead opting for 1 1/2 days at Epcot and 1 day at MGM (Hollywood Studios, but it'll always be MGM to me).


First day at Epcot was okay, but after having a day at Universal and Magic Kingdom, Max was fairly disappointed by the lack of rides.  Epcot is different with a 3 year old.  Jesse didn't care about visiting the countries, but Max was clearly bored out of his mind.

We did catch some quality time with some characters: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto.

Max, Grandma, Papa, and I also did Soarin, which was fun, and we also hit up some of the others in the area like figment.  The one we missed was Turtle Talk with Crush, but we'll do that next time.

The first night at Epcot we ate dinner in Canada at the Le Cellar steakhouse.  This has been on Papa's wish list for as long as I can remember.  I was so glad to be able to get reservations and fulfill this desire of his.  As steakhouses go, I have to say, this is one is top notch.  Very small, intimate, and very very good.  I loved being there at Christmas time too.  Thanks for dinner, dad!

Beach Club

If you've been reading along, we've now finished: day 1 - Universal, day 2 - Magic Kingdom, day 3 - Epcot, and day 4 - Magic Kingdom.  On day 4 we left the Port Orleans at 6:30 in the morning to head over to the Magic Kingdom.  After a very long, but awesome, day we took the bus, not back to Port Orleans, but to the Beach Club!  The Beach Club has long been a favorite of the Stortz family and we were happy to be able to stay here for a few nights.

When my parents arrived, which was around 11pm, they quickly noticed they were given the wrong room.  A long story short, even though we reserved a roll in shower over 6 months ago, they screwed up and gave them a regular shower.  My guess is that someone else had reserved a regular handicapped room and the staff switched them without verifying their reservations sheet. Of course they were completely sold out so the only option for a roll in shower was to move to the Yacht Club.  Not acceptable.  After some back and forth with the manager, and politely explaining to him that this mistake was far larger than simply being given a king vs. queen bed, we were able to get them to comp my parents 50% of their entire stay plus breakfast with the characters at Cape May restaurant.  Not too bad.

That debacle left a bad taste in our mouth, but after a decent night sleep, things started to turn around.  Over the next two days I was reminded why I love this hotel so much.  We didn't have to get on a bus to go to MGM or Epcot (walking and boat options for both), the pool is ah-maze-ing, and the hotel is just so special.  I personally love the chocolate carousel in the entryway.   I will say this trip we stayed at the Disney Villa's, but in the future I'd make sure we were in the main building.  Simply because the rooms are more standard and larger, I think.

MGM (aka Hollywood Studios)

Our 5th day was spent at Hollywood Studios.  We got a late start since we didn't get back to the room until nearly 2am.

I was nervous about spending too much time over here, simply because a lot of it is for older kids/adults and also because much of MGM is under construction for Star Wars.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much there was for the kids to do.  In fact, there were a few shows that we didn't even get to see that I would do if we came back.

We hit up Toy Story Mania first, which was awesome, very well done, and then headed over to meet some characters.  My mom laments that all the old school characters are no longer present in the park, the Queen from snow white for example, which is true, as the park is now filled with more Disney Junior and Star Wars.  Max got to meet one of his favorite characters, Jake, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  As much as I would have loved to see Malificent or the Queen, I can assure you Max was way more into Jake.  Not only did we meet Jake, but we also watched the Disney Junior show.  Max was soooo into it.  Jesse fell asleep, as did Papa, I'm sure.

Much to Jeremy's delight after watching Disney Junior we headed over to visit with Chewbacca.  See, I don't wake my children up to only see my favorites, I woke up Jesse to see Chewbacca too.

Speaking of interesting characters, we also got to meet fancy Minnie and Sorcerer Mickey!  How cool.  Jesse also spent some more time hanging with Pluto and Chip and Dale at random times throughout the day.

These days there aren't may rides at MGM.  At least for the little ones, it's mostly shows and characters.  As mentioned above, Max seemed pretty content watching Disney Junior, but he also liked watching the Star Wars Jedi training.  Earlier in the week we talked about signing Max up for Jedi training, which you have to be there at park opening to get signed up for, but we decided he was probably still too young.  Also why we opted, after much deliberation, to not get him a light saber on this trip.  I suppose a 3 year old is too little to be responsible with a light saber.

Because we arrived later in the day, and MGM is a short day, with a 7pm closing, we didn't really do much.  Going back I would try to see the Frozen and Beauty and the Beast shows, and perhaps find a way to squeeze in Tower of Terror.

This night we ate at Mama Melrose's italian (while both kids slept in the stroller!) then we strolled around for a bit before going to see Fantasmic!

On the way over to the evening show, I saw a street cart selling some bubble wands.  I was skeptical, but knowing how much Jesse loves bubbles I had to check it out.  Turns out you can turn these things all different ways and they won't leak out.  At $20 a pop, I decided one would be fine and they could share it.  HA!  What was I thinking.  Not even 5 minutes later and we owned two.  They are really cool, and looking back I'm glad I got two because after transport home one is already temperamental.  Boo.  WTH Disney.  I suppose I should use my degree and fix it, which I probably will someday.  Good thing Santa may bring some other bubble toys for Christmas.  Overall I think it was still the best toy we got there.

Last day: Character Breakfast, Pool Time, & Epcot

We finished off our trip with a character breakfast at Cape May inside the Beach Club.  This really brought back some memories.  For as long as I can remember, we've eaten breakfast at Cape May.  Not only do they have a really good breakfast, like Crystal Palace, but if you're staying at the Beach Club it's just easy.  That's probably the biggest reason we didn't do Chef Mickey's, just too much trouble to get over there on such a packed trip.

Having an early reservation, the restaurant wasn't that full and we were able to see the characters at our table 2-3 times each.

The day before, as we were walking to MGM, Max saw the beach club pool and flipped is, well you know.  "I want to go there!"  Given how un-amused the kids were with Epcot a few days back it seemed like staying at the pool for the day was the perfect option.  Plus, after paying so much per night for this place, it seemed like we had to take advantage of the pool.

First stop, gift shop.  How can you play at a beach pool with no beach toys.  Amazingly the castle buckets came with shovels and were only $6.95 each.  Perfect.  Oh, and they had a bathing suit for Jesse because apparently this sweet little boy is now wearing the same size suit as his 3 1/2 year old brother.

The beach club pool is, in a word, awesome.  It reminded me so much of being in Cancun.  We spent at least 3 hours here.  First in the shallow sandy beach/pool area, then over in the big pool with the BIG water slide (adults need to duck), and then in the lazy river.  Max loved his new freedom of swimming by himself while wearing a life vest.  (As it not holding on, obviously not alone).  Mom, dad, and Papa enjoyed the drinks from the bar.

After pool time we headed over to Epcot for the night.  In keeping with our theme of packing as much as we could into one trip, we booked a dinner package for the Christmas Holiday Candlelight Processional.  Again, probably overboard.  But the show is so great.  We've seen it before and it is really good.  Plus Whoppi Goldburg was narrating!

Now, you don't technically need to get a dinner package to see the show, but it does get you guaranteed seating so it's worth it, otherwise you're waiting in line for 2+ hours.  What I didn't know was that the restaurant in Morocco costs so much.  And somehow we paid for separate meals for both Max and Jesse at an insane rate.  The food was good, but not for the price we paid.

After the show, which both kids seemed to like, we headed to our final ride; test track.  Max could barely stay away, but loved it so much he rode twice.  We never did make it on Mission Space.

That night it was so hard to say goodbye to Grandma and Papa.  Walking back to the room after we left them, Max said to me "We are lonely."  Aw.

We had a wonderful trip and I can't wait to go back!  Next time 1 day at Universal and 6-7 days at Disney to allow for more pool time, Downtown Disney time, mini golf, and an Animal Kingdom day.  I'd also cut back Epcot to one day and do 2 1/2 at Magic Kingdom.

For a full set of pictures from the trip, click HERE.